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  • Next week: May 4th at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach! Free show. Inspired to be playing with @themovementvibe @iyaterra & @spliffvisionmusic . Il be opening the night with all original music and remixes. 
#GOLDENMVMT #FreeShow #reggae #losangeles
  • Excited to open for one of my favorite bands @themovementvibe at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA on May 4th. Stoked to hear them play their new tunes from their album "Golden". I'll be performing a live DJ set to kick off the night. 
#FreeShow #reggae #GOLDENMVMT
  • Had a great day on "Lucita" today with my bro @erikdane1 . We came up with the name as a Portmanteau of our grandmothers' names: Lucille and Rita = Lucita 
#nationalsiblingday #brothers #captain #setsail
  • So proud of my good friends in @themovementvibe for dropping their new album "Golden" today on iTunes. It's sitting at #1 right now and is well deserved. This WILL be the summer album. Get it now! 
#reggae #newmusic #GOLDENMVMT
  • Looking forward to sailing this weekend and making music. My 2 favorite activities šŸŽ¼ā›µļø
#captain #sailing #music #lifeisgood
  • Took my boat out for a sunset cruise tonight and was jamming to the new track "Golden" from my brothas in @themovementvibe . Can't wait for their new album to drop. Look for it in April. Stoked!
#GOLDENMVMT #reggae #sailing

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Alific (a-lif-ic) is music producer, DJ, curator, andĀ multi-instrumentalist Brendan Dane who artistically combines reggae-influenced grooves with an electronic execution to create a unique musical experience.

In early 2015, Dane linked up with local Las Vegas drummer Kevin La Fontaine to add another element to the live performance. Currently, Alific performs as a dynamic and high-energy act merging the modern sound of a live DJ with live instrumentationĀ and the time-honored rhythm of the drums.



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